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elisa freschi

Yes: Elisa Freschi, "Between Theism and Atheism: a journey through Viśiṣṭādvaita Vedānta and Mīmāṃsā". In: Robert Leach and Jessie Pons (eds.), Puṣpikā: Tracing Ancient India Through Texts and Traditions. Vol. 3, Oxbow Books Press, Oxford, 2015.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Elisa: Thanks! Do you have a link to a copy? I couldn't find it on philpapers.

Elisa Freschi

Here is a link to the pre-print copy: https://www.academia.edu/6263852/Between_Theism_and_Atheism_A_journey_through_Viśiṣṭādvaita_Vedānta_and_Mīmāṃsā
and here one to the publisher's page about the book:

p.s. And, yes, philpapers does not list everything when it comes to non-Western philosophy. How reliable is it in other non-standard fields, like ancient Roman philosophy or Middle Age scholasticism?

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