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Michel X.

I did my UG in a similarly small department in a very, very small Canadian town. One thing that the faculty there did to combat the potential isolation was team up with the history department (and one other department that I can't remember, along with a handful of interested parties from other departments) for a colloquium talk every week or two. They just gave work in progress (although since it was hosted by the philosophy department, I think the thought was that the work should be philosophy-ish in character [e.g. history of ideas, literary theory]), and invited feedback from their peers and senior majors.


I'm one of 4 philosophers within a multidisciplinary liberal arts catch-all dept. The others are all working on Continental, and I'm the sole analytic philosopher, doing applied ethics. A few weeks ago, I was struggling with some revisions for a paper, and just really needed to talk a point through with someone. But there was no one. Although I generally feel pretty isolated at work, at that moment, it really hit me that the isolation was potentially affecting the quality of my work. Since then, I've gone out of my way to seek out other philosophers on Facebook, to try to build more of a community around myself. It's not a perfect solution, but I've at least enjoyed the company and the occasional outbursts of philosophy there.

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