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Expat Grad

I generally agree with this, and it raises a question that I have been wondering about quite a bit: how do publications/top-ten publications, and pedigree correlate with jobs with different profiles? By `profiles' I mean R1, SLAC 2-year, 4-year etc, but also teaching loads and research support. Although most of us would be happy with (almost) any TT, the differences matter.


I wonder whether what your seeing in the data isn't a preference for experience. Candidates with one top ranked publication seem often to be green, in my experience. They come out of a research program and have hit paydirt once. Often they have little real teaching experience and haven't reflected much on teaching.

The candidates with multiple lower ranked publications have probably been in VAP's for a few years and have likely built a record of successful teaching with enough success in publication to get the interviews.

That's just based on experience and impressions. It's not so much that high-ranked publications are reasons to pass over as the programs who are encouraging candidates to go on the market with a high-profile pub and only TA experience or maybe one or two summer classes are not helping their students. The days of "hey if you can get published in Mind, you can teach undergraduates" are thankfully over.


Having the best publication does not translate into the best employee other factor come into play. Experience, relating to others, team work etc..

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