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What a wonderful idea, Marcus! I was wondering if "building a coherent research project post PhD" would fall under either of these (perhaps part 1)? Or whether it is, as i think it is, something distinct that merits its own discussion. Building a CV is about tangible things like publications, talks and teaching experience, whereas building a research project is something that helps to guide one's research, that informs the cover letter and gives direction during the postdoc/tenure track period.
Given that many of us are for several years on the market before we land a tenure-line position, it's very important to get a second project started, one distinct from one's PhD but still connected to it to show a sort of overarching framework. We get little advice on how to do this. I think advice on this would be profitable also for people who have freshly defended.


I want to second Helen's suggestion - that's a really important topic and I'd like to hear from people who have had some success on the job market about it.

I'd also like to hear some advice on building a good teaching portfolio for the US market. My degree is from outside the US, and the standards for what qualifies as evidence of teaching excellence are quite different there (I guess - but that's the point of asking for help!).

Marcus Arvan

Helen and Anon: Thanks for your comments. I think that sounds like a great idea. I will definitely include a discussion of it as a separate post within the series!


I think the only significant thing it's missing is a post or two about managing the stress of it all.


Marcus, this series is such a great idea! I'm looking forward to discussing all of these topics in depth.

And I want to second Joe's suggestion about a bit on stress management. Since it now typically takes years to get a first TT job, a long-term approach to maintaining emotional health while on the market is incredibly important.

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