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Derek Bowman

"I've been a contributor at various blogs ... for a number of years (since just after graduate school), and they've provided excellent opportunities to get to know people."

But of course "just after graduate school" is no longer soon enough to start networking, for the reasons discussed in your next post.

Marcus Arvan

Derek: You're absolutely right. I came very late to the professionalization game, and I paid for it!

Kenny Pearce

One suggestion: if you have a paper that extensively discusses the work of another philosopher, you can send an email describing the way in which you are using that philosopher's work, and asking if he/she would be willing to read the paper. This, of course, has a stronger chance of working the less frequently other people have already discussed that philosopher's work in print. (For instance, a relatively early career person, who hasn't racked up very many citations so far, would probably be extremely excited to get an email like that - I know I would!) Even if the person doesn't end up reading your paper, it at least helps get your name out there, and if your paper does get read you'll get great comments.

In my experience, this works better if it's a followup to meeting a person at a conference, so I second the suggestion to try to attend small specialist conferences. But as long as you have a relatively polished piece of work that is genuinely relevant, I agree that you shouldn't be shy about sending emails.

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