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Chike Jeffers

Useful topic, one that I think a lot about as a specialist in Africana philosophy. I think there's a balance to be struck between fetishizing the word "philosophy" (there can be interesting, thoughtful stuff we don't designate as philosophy) and opposing the treatment of philosophy as an activity that has somehow only been done by the privileged peoples of the West. However that balance is struck, though, I agree that it will always lead to a straightforward "yes" in answer to the question of whether many ancient Indian texts count as philosophy.

elisa freschi

Hi Chike, interesting comment, thank you. I agree with your point that at times it seems that one the word "philosophy" is considered as a status symbol ("if what I am doing is philosophy, then it's better"), as one often notices even among sport trainers speaking of their "philosophies". It would be interesting if you could share your view of this problem in the field of Africana philosophy.

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