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Elisa Freschi

Marcus, this is fascinating. However, let me repeat the skeptical doubt I manifested some months ago on a similar post: It seems to be very unlikely that *reality* is exactly as in a technology which developed at a precise moment of time. It seems to me much more likely that we use the present technology to refine our understanding of reality, just like 18th c. philosophers spoke of God as a clockmaker.
In other words, it is great that you are working on a way to reconcile the fact that the world appears to be intersubjectively available with the fact that direct realism is as such untenable (this appears to me as the main advantage of your theory). Further, hololens and the p2p hypothesis seem in this sense a good device to think about this hypothesis. But I would hesitate to say that we are living in a videogame:-)

Marcus Arvan

Hi Elisa: I appreciate the skepticism, and in a way I agree. Given that existing fundamental physical theories (e.g. the Standard Model of physics, etc.) are greater approximations of the truth (as opposed to the full and accurate truth), it is unlikely that the P2P Hypothesis is the full literal truth. Be that as it may, I would be happy indeed if it were an approximation of the truth--that is, a step in the right direction.

At the same time, I'm not as skeptical as you about the likelihood of reality conforming to a technology existing at a precise moment in time (viz. it is unlikely that just *now* we have created technology--peer-to-peer networking--that will unlock the secrets of the universe!). I don't think this is all that unlikely as now really is the first time that we are capable of developing *worlds* (i.e. simulated worlds). Given that our world is a world, and we are just now capable of *making* worlds, I don't think it is unlikely at all that that very technology--the technology to make worlds with functional analogues of tables, chairs, animals, people, bullets, cars, etc.--should be the technology to unlock the secrets of our world. It is, after all, a unique kind of technology: one that we have never had before. The ability to make a world. And, if we can now make them ourselves, it seems to me entirely likely that our world is similar in kind!

But what do I know? :)

Elisa Freschi

Thanks Marcus, but, again, was not it the same when clocks were first invented? People were fascinated by that and thought that the world could really be a mechanism which ---once put into motion--- could continue to work perfectly. And yet, no one now would think of the world in such a (too simple) way. Don't you think that in, say, 50 or 100 years time we will come up with even better techonologies and look back at the P2P as a *metaphorically* great explanation hypothesis?


The difference between clocks and now is that we're now dealing with the very fabric of the universe, i.e. quantum phenomena. Clocks are simple objects and easily divisible.


Love the theory. Any comment about the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment and how it may relate?

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