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These comments are very useful. From my experience they apply not only to people submitting papers to edited volumes, but to journal contributions as well.
If one referee (or editor) finds something opaque then surely other readers are apt to find it opaque. And referees' comments can make significant improvements to a manuscript. I can think of only a few cases from my experience where referees' suggestions made things worse. Referees (and editors) are our friends. :)

Marcus Arvan

Thanks for sharing your experience, Elisa. I also (mostly) agree with "someone". Although it can be tempting to blame referees for "not getting" your paper--and of course there are some who read uncharitably--in my experience there is a ton that you, as an author, can do to ensure that people *don't* read uncharitably. And I've found that referee comments can be incredibly helpful in this regard. If one referee reads your paper in a particular way, others are likely to do the same as well. So, even if you think the reading is uncharitable, the right thing to do is not chalk up the rejection to an uncharitable reviewer, but instead take pains to prevent the same kind of reaction in future drafts.

Elisa Freschi

Thank you, someone and Marcus. I agree with you, I would only add that an editor is even more on your side than a peer-reviewer (after all, there will be the editor's name on the book's cover, so that she is really interested in the articles' quality!).

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