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There's a copy of the Globalized Parochialism paper (I'm guessing uploaded by Wolters himself) at http://www.uni-konstanz.de/philosophie/files/2013_-_globalized_parochialism_-_bollettino_sfi.pdf

NoNES Philosophy student

I'm working in epistemology, and I read and cite Pascal Engel often, who is a French and works in Europe. The reason might be that I often see his works in good venues. So for non-native English speakers to get noticed, they need to publish a lot in highly-regarded places.

Hence, I think that the problem is still the greater burden of non-native English speakers to publish (and network). Of course, non-native English speakers should make themselves versed in English, or find someone to proofread their works. But the latter may cause some hardship for early career philosophers people in less developed countries. I hope that every journal can adopt the policy made by Sven Ove Hansson, Editor-in-chief of Theoria,

"Be fair to authors whose English is deficient. For people whose first language has a very different structure, English can be much more difficult to learn than it is for speakers of most Indo-European languages. If a paper is written in bad English but is nevertheless understandable, give advice on whether language editing can make it publishable."


Moti Mizrahi

NoNES Philosophy student,

Thanks for drawing attention to Theoria's policy on ESL authors. I agree that more journals should adopt a similar policy.

Filippo Contesi

Great post!

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