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I am not sure how avoiding suggestions would solve the problem of too many projects and not enough money. If there are more projects than there is money to fund, then some deserving projects are not going to be funded even if I avoid suggestions.

I would also find it problematic to accept a request to review a proposal in which I am asked to provide suggestions and then not actually provide them, in the hope that whatever random method they subsequently use to make final funding decisions will benefit a proposal that I like.

Elisa Freschi

Robert, you are right, the problem is a general one and there is no plausible solution at hand (one needs to make funding agencies aware of the importance of funding research, but this is a long-term goal).
My only point is: As a reviewer, you need to be aware of what you are doing. You need to know that the vote "good" means "turn down the project without discussing it" and that "very good" means "turn down after discussing". It is like having to learn a new vocabulary and it would be meaningless to insist that one's "good" just meant "good". It no longer means "good" for funding agencies and this is (sadly) a fact. I have added some data in this post: http://philosopherscocoon.typepad.com/blog/2014/10/funding-your-research-projects-some-data.html

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