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Guglielmo Feis

Wow! Am I the only wannabe shredding cocooner here? I hope your brother is now into some sort of music business. Being around 15 in the shrapnel era sounds like something great (i was -3 at that time).

Marcus Arvan

Guglielmo: My brother was actually offered a record-contract with Shrapnel at 16 or 17...and turned it down! I wish he hadn't. I think he'd probably be widely recognized as a Great Guitar Player now if he had. He was also with "Racer X" for a time as Paul Gilbert's replacement (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISEv0lHzkrA )

Anyway, great to hear you're a shredded too! I play guitar, but have no shredding ability, unfortunately. :)

Marcus Arvan

Oh, and yes, he's still in the business as a producer, mixer, and musician!

Guglielmo Feis

Hi Marcus!
Well, I'm not a shredder... I wanted to play that sort of things but I always failed in practicing daily.
Nonetheless, I've recently discovered "ditones" and I took some sort of commitment in discussing guitar here at http://shreddingditones.blogspot.com and now I try to practice at least 90 minutes/day.
I feel it also helps with philosophy, papers, etc.

Roger Turner

Definitely not the only wannabe shredder, here. I used to be in a metal band called Winter Solstice. You can hear some of our stuff, here (though, you might hate it):


Or you can listen to our record (The Fall of Rome) on iTunes. Anywho...

Guglielmo Feis

Hi Roger! Great to know! I'm not so much into that kind of metal but I loved the early Dark Tranquillity and Soilwork and quite a lot of Nevermore.

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