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Marcus Arvan

Justin: As a career move, a negative CV strikes me as more than a bit bizarre. But I like what this person is doing in posting on it! One of the things that has struck me over the years is just how many failure even the biggest names in philosophy -- and beyond really (think of all the studios that shot down Star Wars, The Beatles, Harry Potter, etc.). Or just think, again, of all the stuff Ruth Millikan went through (as recounted in her Dewey Lecture). I think it's a good thing to convey and be aware of the fact that this stuff (philosophy) isn't easy for anyone, and that almost all of us have to deal with failure after failure, and rejection after rejection, in the course of our careers.

Anyway, thanks for posting on this, and I hope you're having a good summer too. Hope to see you around!

Justin Caouette

Thanks, Marcus. I thought you would appreciate the sentiment behind the idea of a negative CV. There is always much to be learned when folks share their experiences. Hopefully, for Aiden, it doesn't hurt his future prospects. Though, with his impressive track record I doubt that it will.

I look forward to engaging with you on Flickers later this summer! Oh, and best of luck finishing up the book. If I wasn't in the midst of dissertation/book review/trying to publish/manuscript review, etc. I would have already given you some comments.

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