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Eric Dietrich

I'm sorry that you retracted the post on Leiter's recent vote. I'm glad I read it before you did. I learned a lot from it. There is perhaps a tiny problem with your reason for retracting: 'supportive and safe' has to be compatible with criticizing and discussing, otherwise you really do have a cocoon of some very robust sort walling off your readers from philosophy as practiced. Of course, it's your blog.


I agree with Eric Dietrich. The post was worth reading. Right, it was not *fully* in line with the “safe-and-supportive” requirement, but hey, we’re grown ups, we can have disputes and remain in good terms at the end of the day.

Perhaps you could rewrite the post in a less provocative way? I, for one, believe such a discussion could be fruitful or instructive.

Marcus Arvan

Eric and Pierre: Thanks for the feedback. I think I may rewrite the post in a more measured way. I dashed it off this morning before class, and I'm a bit of a morning grump -- and I think it might have made the tone of the post a bit too pointed for this blog. If I can figure out a better way to frame the relevant issues, then perhaps I'll post on it again soon.

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