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Brad Cokelet

Hi Marcus,

Have you read Ruth G. Millikan's passionate discussion of our emerging brave new world?

I offer her conclusion, but note she gives reasons leading up to it..the link to the whole is at the end.

"...it has always struck me as a no-brainer that forcing early and continuous publication in philosophy is, simply, genocidal. Forcing publication at all is not necessarily good.

In philosophy there are no hard data. And there are no proofs. Both in the writing and in the reviewing, deep intellectual honesty and integrity are the only checks on quality. This cannot be hurried. Authors who discover their errors must be free sometimes just to start over. They need time to be sure that their use of sources is accurate. Reviewers need time to digest and to check sources themselves when not already familiar with them, nor should they feel under pressure to pass on essays out of sympathy for the impossible position of young people seeking jobs or tenure. Unread journals should not be proliferating to accommodate, mainly, the perceived needs of administrators to keep their institutions competitive. What we philosophers are after is not something one needs to compete for, nor will more philosophical publications result in more jobs for philosophers. Necessarily, carrots and sticks produce cheapened philosophy."


Marcus Arvan

Brad: Thanks for your comment. That Dewey lecture by Millikan is so awesome I don't know where to begin! :)

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