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Gregg Caruso

My *Free Will and Consciousness: A Determinist Account of the Illusion of Free Will* was based on my dissertation :O)

Brad Cokelet

David Brink's "Moral Realism and the Foundations of Ethics"


Ask me in a couple months if I finally get a contract for my first book ;)

People should know that most big presses won't publish books (largely) based on dissertations. Some of them are *very* up front about this (MIT, CUP, for example).

Joseph Edmund Dewhurst

Kornblith's "Inductive Inference and Its Natural Ground" was based on his dissertation, I think (it's also very good).

Olle Blomberg

Liz Irvine's "Consciousness as a Scientific Concept" (Springer, 2013) was based on her 2011 PhD dissertation from the University of Edinburgh.



Nagel's The Possibility of Altruism.

Ben Bryan

Moral Principles and Political Obligation by A. John Simmons

Hobbes and the Social Contract Tradition by Jean Hampton

Both are excellent and among the most influential books written on their topics (political obligation and Hobbes interpretation, respectively).

Errol Lord

Mark Schroeder's Slaves of the Passions
Lara Buchak's Risk and Rationality
Clayton Littlejohn's Justification and the Truth-Connection
Julia Markovits' Moral Reason
Kieran Setiya's Reasons Without Rationalism
Caspar Hare's Myself and Other Less Important Subjects
Gillian Russell's Truth in Virtue of Meaning
Casey O'Callaghan's Sounds: A Philosophical Theory
Ofra Magidor's Category Mistakes

Eric Sampson

Mike Titelbaum's Quitting Certainties: A Bayesian Framework Modeling Degrees of Belief

Mark Schroeder's Slaves of the Passions

Michel X.

Will Kymlicka - Liberalism, Community and Culture


David Chalmers' The Conscious Mind is largely based on the PhD dissertation he wrote at Indiana.

Eric Morton

Michael Williams, Groundless Belief


David Lewis, Convention


It’s not philosophy, but Kotaro Suzumura’s Rational Choice, Collective Decisions, and Social Welfare (Cambridge 1983) is based on his PhD thesis. Despite not being philosophy, it is interesting for political philosophers interested in formal methods, and it crosses disciplinary boundaries by discussing Rawlsian social choice, the formalization of individual rights, and issues of distributive justice.

David Morrow

Wow. Thanks for compiling such an impressive list, everybody. I'm struck by how *good* a lot of these books are, although I suppose it's a heavily biased sample.

Thanks for the Suzumura reference, Pierre. I'm really interested in that sort of thing, but I didn't know about Suzumura.

Lindsay Whiting

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo started as a dissertation

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