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I do think this is an interesting question, but the answer will depend severely on whatever theological tradition one is coming from. Right? So, in the question 'What is the purpose of God's creation?' doesn't the answer totally depend on what we mean by 'God'? And won't *that* depend on one's tradition?

You see the point. Stated so generally--where the 'God' we're talking about isn't fixed--the question seems impossible to answer.


Maybe the best (only) way for God's creation to glorify God is precisely through a soul-making process that results in Friends of God. (Their glorification of Him might itself consist in their realization of their own highly impressive capacities -- including, no doubt, a capacity to recognize the glory of God, or to recognize it to some very high degree, so that the recognition is itself glorious...)

The question might be _difficult_ to answer, but not _impossible_ unless most philosophical questions are similarly impossible. (Compare: "What is truth?" The answer depends of course on what "is" means, how truth is understood in one's culture or historical-philosophical tradition, or what counts as an answer to questions of the form "What is X", etc.) Possibly the answer is to be pursued at the same time as many other difficult answers, and the range of plausible answers might constrain plausible answers to those other questions...

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