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I've noted this before, more than once, but hey:

I generally don't work nights (past 4pm) or weekends. I break this rule when I absolutely must, or when I want to, but it's pretty rare. I started this in my last year of grad school and it's worked wonders for me. I get to leave work at work, and I find myself looking forward to Mondays.

Without this, I felt like every day was the same, I never really had a break. It was exhausting.

I take vacations (I took two weeks off in November when my girlfriend was in town). I compete in sports. And I exercise a lot with my dog. I also don't usually work >35hrs/week.

Oh…and I still publish 4+ articles/year. It can be done.

Marcus Arvan

Rachel: Yep - completely agree. I started basically the same rules my last year of grad school and I can't *wait* to get up and get stuff done on Mondays. It's important to give oneself time to recoup. I also take vacations. It's amazing, but my productivity has soared since I implemented these rules. Looks like yours has too! :)

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