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This is an awesome argument/theory.

Marcus Arvan

Thanks, Ambrose. :)

Clive Hetherington

What about something even simpler?

If we are simulated copied people living out someone elses life then 'ethics' aside at to whether anyone 'should' simulate self aware, free thinking people there will be deducible and observable behavioural differences between a copied simulated population and a hypothetical real population.

These deducible differences coincidentally are exactly what we have identified as cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias (this is laid out here and the next page: http://www.soul-healer.com/true-nature-of-reality/why-has-no-one-written-in-detail-of-what-it-would-be-like-to-be-a-simulated-copied-person/)

Any simulation designer attempting to simulate free thinking people would have to be brain dead to NOT MANAGE their simulated populations awareness, thinking and evaluating capacities. This is laid out here: http://www.soul-healer.com/simulation-argument/

There is an abundance of macro observable evidence that we are in a simulation, including evidence that we are being managed to not think of OBVIOUS possibilities: http://www.soul-healer.com/simulation-argument-evidence/


What about Peer-to-peer INSIDE the ONE.

Illusion of separation.

One created a giant programme with different dimensions, time, heavens, hells, galaxies, all imaginable.

I was born into Sikh religion(Punjab,India). Our holy book talks about it extensively. It's confusing to a lay person who doesn't have knowledge of computer programmes. Gurus talk about a pre-written programme. At the same time humans ought to be kind, upright, morals, self-confidence, sharing etc. They also acknowledge the OTHER side. In one part - Shri Sukhmani Sahib, they say,"Both sides are controlled by God, and he(or she or it) is playing a game. They also nudge humans to ask,"who am I" who is this I in this body? They say nothing dies, nothing borns. Illusion

Rumi: Where do thoughts come in our mind? do we sit and create them or they come from outside like radio -t.v catching relays of programmes.

Rumi: "we do act yet everything we do is God's creative action. How we act FREELY and are YET compelled".

Even Intention is NOT ours. We can try. But a computer programme can't change UNLESS the ONE who wrote it changes it.

Guru says the programme is at dimension called, Knowledge dimension(that's where souls and their programmes are created..Japji" Gian Khand".

Joan Borysenko, M.D. Ph.D was able to access her programme and change through meditation

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