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Patrick Taylor Smith

I have a piece coming out in Transnational Legal Theory: Instrumentalism or Constitutivism: A Dilemma for Accounts of Transnational Political Authority

Marcus Arvan

Patrick: Thanks - updated!

Bob Fischer

I've got one coming out in American Philosophical Quarterly: Robert William Fischer, "Theory Selection in Modal Epistemology."

Marcus Arvan

Bob: Thanks - updated!

Elisa Freschi

Marcus, thanks for this work!
It is not your fault, but may ask you to correct a few typos?

Mīmād msā----»Mīmāṃsā
N yayamañ j arī---»Nyāyamañjarī
Veṅkad tanātha----»Veṅkaṭanātha

Martin Shuster

My book, _Autonomy after Auschwitz: Adorno, German Idealism, and Modernity_ is coming out with Chicago in September.

Marcus Arvan

Elisa: done!

Martin: Thanks - updated!

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