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Elisa Freschi

Moti, I am intrigued by the last part of your post. One cannot but share the concerns of adjuncts and other non-tenured and vulnerable faculty staff. But why do you especially highlight the lack of equal participation to the "day-to-day affairs of the institution"? What I lack is the fact that I cannot have any role in the decision making process. But I am not grateful that I have to sit at boring meetings where day-to-day affairs are discussed, take care of the first aid, etc. And the two do not go together (at least, they did not go together in my case, I only got the boring part with no influence on the important one).

Moti Mizrahi

Hi Elisa,

Thanks very much for your comment. You are right, of course, that adjuncts and other contingent faculty often have no say in decision making. I was thinking about the fact that they are also excluded from full participation in the sort of activities that make a college or a university an intellectual community, such as mentoring students, organizing conferences, collaborating with colleagues, being nominated for teaching awards, and attending meeting, workshops, and events. I guess my point is that there are certain prerequisites for being a member of a community (an intellectual community, in the case of colleges and universities) and it seems that, in the case of adjuncts and contingent faculty, some of these prerequisites are not being met (or, you can’t be a member of a community when your name is “Staff”: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/08/23/adjunct-survey-paints-bleak-picture-working-conditions ).

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