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Elisa Freschi

Personally, I would appreciate posts discussing what to do positively to avoid discriminations etc. or to encourage people of discriminated groups to participate.
For instance, I really appreciated your post regarding the fact that there are much less women blogging about philosophy than men and what to do about it. Similarly, I enjoyed the discussions at newapps about how to have more women-speakers at philosophical conferences (and in both cases this lead to a change in my own behaviour).

Joshua Stein

I think it's probably important to look more closely at what conditions, in particular, are causing these environments; there are obviously factors at the level of the discipline (rates of publication; disparity in citations of women; etc.) as well as factors at the level of individual departments. Feminist critics have commented a lot on the former, and the contemporary discussions (U Miami; CU Boulder; inter alia) deal a lot with the latter, but it's not entirely clear how the two fit together.

It seems like just trying to spell out the details of what is going on here goes a long way to addressing what can, and needs to, be changed here.

David Morrow

Marcus, I also feel the dilemma, for the reasons you mentioned. I'm not sure what to do about it either. I like Elisa's suggestion: we might pursue discussions of ways to respond positively or proactively to the kinds of problems you've mentioned.

For what it's worth, NewAPPS has been wrestling with this very issue, and they have concluded that it's best simply to post links to relevant articles and keep comments closed: http://www.newappsblog.com/2014/02/newapps-comments-policy-and-recent-posts.html

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