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Rob Gressis

Imposter's syndrome.

Matt Dewar

Advice for undergrads.

Scott Clifton

Plan B ideas

Rob Gressis

Maybe syllabus design, in-class activities, examples of essay questions, or particularly creative assignments that people have used, as well as the results of these things.

Peter Schwarz

Independent philosophers and doing professional-level philosophy outside the university (e.g., Nigel Warburton).

Joanna Grover

Morally justified to work for for-profit higher ed institutions or not.


Once one defends the dissertation, one looses funding. However, ABDs don't seem to do well on the job market. So...how do you time this just right?

Elisa Freschi

Sorry for the untimely comment. A colleague (working in the US) explained me that he cannot write anything which "does not count" (e.g., blogposts) due to the pressure to publish peer reviewed articles and the like. This surprised me a little bit, because I thought that after one has tenure, one could relax a little bit, even in the US. Could someone explain?

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