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I think you're using "sincere" in condition c) differently that most in the literatures. "Sincere" means that the agent believes what they say (not that what they say is true--though this may involve the agent believing that what they say is true, but that's still different).

Elisa Freschi

Rachel, thanks for the comment. I used "sincere" in the sense of someone who *wants* to tell the truth, independently of whether what s/he is saying is really true (this is covered by condition b).

Elisa Freschi

A reader sent me per email a comment similar to Rachel's (hence, I am starting to think that my use of "sincere" is less clear than I thought):

"As for sincerity, I thought that being sincere has to do with believing that the content of one’s utterance is true, not a desire to generally tell the truth? Those can come apart."

I would say that in order to be sincere, a person needs to both believe that X and wish to say that X. Suppose I believe that X (e.g., that the bank is on your left), want to tell you Y (that the bank is on your right side) but, by mistake, end up telling you that X (for instance, because I keep on confounding left and right). I would say I am not sincere, would not you?


It's not actually unclear what you mean by "sincere." I merely wished to point out that it's non-standard, and the various literatures already have settled on their definition of it. That's all.

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