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Brad Cokelet

Hi Moti,

I sympathize with you, and imagine this response is annoying. Have you tried starting out with a quick sketch of the positive method in philosophy you prefer - the method you think we can pursue to establish substantive/interesting/positive results? I can imagine that if people say you are criticizing an alternative to the method you actually like then they would be less prone to have this annoying response. Just a thought!

Moti Mizrahi

Hi Brad,

Thanks very much for the advice, which sounds very reasonable to me. I will definitely give it a try.

jonathan weinberg

I'm fond of reminding people in such circumstances, that trying to improve philosophy by railing vigorously & vehemently against then-current philosophical practices, puts one in a long tradition that includes (at a minimum) Descartes, Hume, Kant, and the positivists. Maybe our arguments today aren't as good as those of the greats, but we're anti-philosophical, then so are those guys. (I don't include Wittgenstein there, because, um, maybe he really was anti-philosophical!)

Moti Mizrahi

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks very much for your comment. Nothing makes a philosopher feel better about his/her work than thinking of him/herself as in the company of the greats. :)


Hey thanks for sharing Moti! I wish my response to the question was as thoughtful as yours. Now I am prepared for next time.

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