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David Bzdak

Well said! I worked third shift in a warehouse for a few years between undergrad stints, and a lot of the people I worked with there were in that job for life. When I'm feeling too pessimistic about academia (which isn't often -- I'm fortunate to have a great job), I need only call up such alternative possibilities to remind myself how good I've got it (and I have lots of other crappy jobs in my past to choose from as well).

Marcus Arvan

Thanks Dave. I worked in a completely dysfunctional organization after my undergrad, and know plenty of people who work in terrible environments full of terrible people -- so when people say how bad academia and philosophy are, I can't help but wonder what their comparison class is!

Grad Student

I'm in roughly the same boat as David. I worked full-time in business before deciding to enter a grad program. And even though I had worked myself into a "career-type" position with very good pay, I was all too happy to leave it behind. My memories of the bullshit one encounters when working in business provides great reference material for re-centering myself when I'm feeling stressed/anxious about my professional prospects in philosophy.

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