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Hi, Marcus. Thanks for yet another useful post on what the future might have in store for us grad students.

I don't have anything to say that bears on this post in particular, but in the spirit of what "the typical grad student might not know much about what an actual job in [any] type of department is actually like", I have another kind of question that I'm hoping you might consider opening up for discussion in a separate post:

What is the typical philosopher's salary like?

I ask that you start a post on this topic because I've heard a number of conflicting things about what to expect with respect to the salary of philosophers in different kinds of departments and at different stages of their careers.

But I know that what people earn can be a sensitive topic, so I understand if you'd rather not open up a post for such discussion! Although I do think such a discussion would be in line with the mission of the blog, for whatever that's worth.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Eugene: thanks for your kind comment, and for suggesting a post on salaries. I think it is a great question, and certainly one worth discussing here, given that the aim of the blog is to be a helpful place. As you note, the issue can be a bit of a touchy one. Still, I am optimistic that we can discuss it here in an appropriately safe and supportive way. I will write a post on it tomorrow, along with some suggested conversational guidelines for ensuring good tone of discussion. Thanks again for suggesting the topic. My experience is that you are: that it is a topic that the average grad student seems to know little about.

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