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A.P. Taylor

Thanks Marcus. And Hello everyone. Been reading the Cocoon for a long time and I have enjoyed everyone's comments and insights. Perhaps I will have something to contribute before long.

Matt DeStefano

Welcome, A.P.!

Paul Tappenden

Comment for Adam P. Taylor, sorry if this is going via Marcus.

Adam, isn't a possible response for the fix you pose between 4-dimensionalism and belief-desire psychology this, following Sider's analysis.

Defn. A person entertains a mental state M iff that person is a part of an aggregate A of persons who are temporal counterparts, and M supervenes on A.

Granted this is an unnatural locution, but all serviceable metaphysics has unnatural aspects. If you feel moved to reply could you also sent to my eemail as I'm not in the habit of looking at this blog (I couldn't find your eemail on the web). My eeddress is paulpagetappenden at gmail dot com.

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