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elisa freschi

I read many primary texts and since I focus on Sanskrit philosophy, they are by rule immediately able to let me look at old questions with new eyes (e.g., in the case of the epistemology of testimony), or to ask new questions altogether (e.g., how can an atheist school of thought accommodate belief in God?).
I would like to add that I get the same feeling whenever I am able to go back to Western texts with some distance, for instance, because they are chronologically, thematically or stylistically far away (e.g., reading Orthodox theology, or Augustine's dialogues, or some of Derrida…). With new questions and new ways to look at the world, I never had the problem to look for new ideas, rather, I have often the feeling of having too many for a single life (which does not mean that they are philosophically sound).

elisa freschi

I forgot to mention that a further source of "inspiration" are friends and colleagues (and I agree with you about the fresh perspective one often gains from one's students).

Martin Shuster

Exactly right, Marcus. This has been my experience while at Hamilton, and I've loved it.

I operate almost exactly the way you do -- undergraduate teaching lets you work out positions that you are committed to and find persuasive, then, when you sit down to 'write it out,' it is just a matter of situating your view amidst the secondary literature.

I've had great success with this, even managing to write articles stemming from 100 level intro courses.

Marcus Arvan

Elisa & Martin: cool to hear I'm not the only one who's had a similar experience! :)

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