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To be fair, the study said that they sent them to journals with "non blind" (I don't like the ablism, so I prefer 'non-anonymous) referee practices.

Marcus Arvan

Rachel: fair point -- but, as we've discussed on this blog before, "blind" review is often far from truly blind! Although the evidence is only anecdotal, it strongly suggests that "Google reviewing" is something of an epidemic in philosophy...


If those papers had been largely Google reviewed the resubmissions would've been detected much more often. In part for the reason Rachel mentions it's not at all clear to me what lessons if any this has for philosophy reviewing.

David Morrow

I think it's hard to disentangle the "prestige effect" from the "different reviewer effect." That is, how much of the change is because the papers are no longer coming from authors at prestigious institutions, and how much of it is simply because the papers are going to different reviewers? In philosophy, at least, I imagine the latter issue is a big deal.

I'd be interested to see what happened if you resubmitted papers from non-prestigious institutions using the names of equally non-prestigious institutions.


If it was anonymous, then this says nothing more than that, before the Internet, plagiarism detection was unlikely (the article is 30 years old), and that back then there was much luck in psychology journals. I'd like to see a replication and one that surveys multiple areas of academia.

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