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Moti Mizrahi

This is awesome, Marcus! Looking forward to the conference. I will gladly serve as a reviewer as well.

Michael J. Augustin

Very cool!

Jason Chen

How do we send our papers anonymously? Wouldn't you just see our name in our email address?

Marcus Arvan

Jason: just blind the actual paper so that anyone who reviews it (besides me) won't know your identity. It's always the case that *someone* has to know your identity, otherwise how would we ever know how to contact you if your paper is accepted!

Marcus Arvan

Moti and Michael: Thanks! And Moti, thanks so much for offering to serve as a referee. I'll probably take you up on it!

Moti Mizrahi

No problem, Marcus. By the way, a few weeks before the conference, I think it would be useful to post information about affordable accommodations in Tampa, for those of us coming from out of town.

Marcus Arvan

Moti: on it. I already have plans to put together a *lot* of stuff for people so that they have a great experience. I want this conference to be awesome! :)

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