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my experience with vanishing comments made me think it's got something to do with length, i.e., comments too long tend not to make it.

Marcus Arvan

Sometimes that seems to be the case, but today I had a very short comment disappear.


I don't know about typepad, but on other blogging platforms, I know that comments might also be removed if they contain words or phrases that a sniffing program is designed to "sniff out" as being *offensive* or spam-related, or if they contain links.

I am not saying anyone's post contained anything actually offensive. But sometimes the sniffing programs are not well calibrated to their task and wind up removing innocuous material needlessly.

Helen De Cruz

Hi Marcus: what happens is that your comments get eaten by Typepad's overactive spam filter. It happens at our blog (NewApps) as well.
To remedy this, you just get the comments out of the spam folder and unmark them as spam.
You login to typepad and choose Philosophers Cocoon, there you find three tabs: overview, posts, comments. There select "comments". You find a small pulldown menu next to "comments", where you can select "spam comments". You open that folder and there you can mark the spam comments that aren't really spam comments as published comments.

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