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I think that this would be a great idea! Were you thinking of hosting the conference online or at a University?

Marcus Arvan

Hi Derek: Thanks! Well, that's sort of one of the questions I thought it might be good to discuss here. Personally, I tend to prefer in-person conferences. It's fun to see people, hang out, have a discussion in a room together, etc.

But of course there is the issue of cost, and I realize that many in our community and target audience -- grad students, postdocs, adjuncts, etc. -- might have trouble getting funding to travel to this sort of thing. So, perhaps an online thing would be best.

I'm curious what the community's thoughts are on this.

Matt DeStefano

This is a great idea! I can see the benefits of having an in-person conference, as it would definitely make the community feel more concrete. I definitely understand that funding can be an issue, but to me it seems worth it. Of course, it will also depend on where it is held and how much flight/hotel costs, etc. are.

While online conferences are neat, they don't provide much of an opportunity for the socializing aspects of a conference which tend to be very rewarding.


Any conference with an early-career focus is a great idea, I think, and making it a Cocoon conference sounds nice! I expect that this would be in the US, so for those of us not based there it might be rather expensive. However, perhaps it wouldn't be impossible to find a sponsor for this? Personally I might make the trip anyway, if it worked out with my plans otherwise.

Moti Mizrahi

Great idea, Marcus! I hope we can find a venue that would be convenient for everyone, including Cocooners from overseas. If that means an online conference, then I'm all for that, too.

Jason Chen

Great idea! I would personally prefer an in-person conference for all the reasons mentioned already, but perhaps we can have a couple of presentations through skype for those who don't have the funds. And for those who do have enough funding, perhaps we should host the conference on the east coast to make it cheaper for our counterparts across the pond.

Marcus Arvan

Jason: I think the in-person conference with a skype option for those who cannot afford attending is *brilliant*. It carries the best of both worlds: the personal experience of an in-person conference and a sensitivity to funding issues early-career philosophers face. There would presumably have to be a "cap" on how many presentations could occur via Skype -- otherwise it might turn out to be a skype-only conference! -- but on the whole I think an in-person conference with some skype sessions is the way to go.

I also agree with your thoughts on doing it on the East Coast. I was thinking, since I'm the Cocoon's owner, I might throw it this year at my university. Tampa's not only beautiful during the summer (and really, all year round); the airport is five minutes away and there are a lot of very affordable hotels a stone's throw from the university. Sound like a good plan?

Michael J. Augustin

I'm certainly up for a Cocoon conference.

Justin Caouette

I'm up for one but it all depends on time and location. My only suggestion would be to make sure it doesn't fall in line with any of the APA's.

Matt DeStefano

Would the conference be topic-oriented, or simply aimed at young career/grad student philosophers?

Marcus Arvan

Matt: I don't see any reason for it to be topic oriented, do you? The way I see it, it should be open to early career philosophers of all persuasions.


I like the idea very much. The hybrid of in-person and Skype presentations sounds good. Do you need help organizing or publicizing it in any way Marcus?

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