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Justin Caouette

Excellent post, David. Thanks for supplying the details of your approach. I've been thinking about how to shift gears regarding my own approach as I have not been as successful as I would like to be with regards to seeing a project to completion.

A problem I often have is sustaining my enthusiasm for and forward momentum on a project (highlighted point 2). I have immersed myself in the literature so much that I often find myself getting sidetracked on peripheral projects. Once engaged in those newer projects the process tends to repeat itself. So, my cemetery is quite large at the moment. Filled with the remains of worthwhile projects that were suffocated by over-reading and not taking time to write daily.

Thanks again.

Matt DeStefano

Thanks David, this is very helpful. I'm glad that you've also pointed out how to go about learning about these topics. I've mostly just used Google Scholar in the past, and only recently discovered Academia.edu.

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