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Scott Clifton

Thanks for this, Marcus. Of all the consolatory/explanatory blog posts I have read during this dismal time, yours is definitely the most helpful and makes the most sense out of what is probably just senseless.

Kyle Whyte

Marcus, you raise some points that are real sticking points for me in terms of reflecting on experiences like you just had. On the one hand, everyone knows how hard it is to get a TT job in philosophy. But on the other hand, it's very easy for some folks, after getting some interviews, to take on that bias that maybe they somehow figured out the magic trick for succeeding. And they can come across in ways that are divisive, whether intentionally or not. I wish most folks expressed the views I generally see on this blog, which involves sharing experiences and respecting that peoples advancement in the field is contingent on a number of factors, not all of which are in everyone's control or are even things they can be aware of. In some ways, and this is a bit extreme perhaps on my part, I feel it's a kind of betrayal to the community of early career philosophers to be someone who forgets the difficulties and the contingent aspects of being on the job market.

Marcus Arvan

Scott: Thank you for your kind comment!

Kyle: I must confess that I'm a bit confused by your comment. Was it directed at me? If so, I think there may be some misunderstanding. I certainly haven't forgotten what it's like to be on the market. I'm on it right now! After re-reading my post a couple of times, I think I can see how it could come off the way your comment suggests (particularly if one assumes that I have a stable TT job, etc.). The intention of the post, however, was to share some heartfelt and honest reflections about these issues from the perspective of someone who is still struggling to reach the "promised land." I apologize if this intention wasn't properly realized in the post.

Kyle Whyte

Marcus: No I wasn't at all saying you're like that. I thought in the post you mentioned folks who you perceived as coming across like I mentioned. Does that make sense? I was getting at what you were talking about by suggesting that it can be frustrating when experience doesn't matter and there may be folks who did not have to jump through the same hoops, and might not even be sensitive to that difference given their "success."

Marcus Arvan

Kyle: cool - no worries!


I was ABD the first year I went on the market. I had five APA interviews that year. I thought, "this is easy!" Wrong! I was fortunate enough to get APA interviews for five years running (at least one each year), but didn't get a TT offer until my fifth year on the market. (FWIW, I come from a non-Leiterrific program.)

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