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Kate Manne

Thanks, Marcus! I'm very glad to have (virtually) met you too. Keep up the great work, and Happy Thanksgiving. I too am conscious of a lot to be grateful for.

Moti Mizrahi

I suppose that by "*&(#" you mean "brilliant insights." In that case, thanks! :)

And thank you for starting this blog.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Moti -- of course! Also, just saw on philpapers that you published that paper on "proving too much". Congrats, and Thanks for the acknowledgment at the end! Unexpected but appreciated!!! Nice paper too! Glad I could play a (small) role in its development.

Moti Mizrahi

Thanks! Our discussion (with David and Clayton, too) was really helpful. Here' a link to the paper, in case anyone is interested: http://philpapers.org/rec/MIZOPT

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