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adam briggle

Hi - great questions and just the sorts of thing we think about at PIN - the Philosophy of/as Interdisciplinarity Network: http://pin-net.gatech.edu/.

Michael Hoffmann

Thanks for your questions, Andreas. Yes, Adam in his response is right: These are the questions which the PIN-net (philosophy of and as interdisciplinarity network) discusses now for 3 years. We recently published a special issue on these questions in Synthese, the 6 contributions are already available online (http://www.springerlink.com/content/103001/?MUD=MP) and the introduction will follow soon.

Steve Fuller's paper that you can find on top of this list right now argues for what you call a "special perspective" that tries to combine things, Michael O'Rourke and Stephen Crowley show what philosophy can contribute in the sense of "special resources," Britt Holbrook talks in more detail about the problem of interdisciplinary communication, Bob Frodeman argues for a completely new form of philosophy that can react to real-world problems, Nancy Tuana analyses NSF with regard to such a goal, and Hanne Andersen and Susan Wagenknecht discuss epistemic dependence as a special problem of interdisciplinary collaboration.

J. Britt Holbrook

Good questions, Andreas. People interested in this topic might also want to check out the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity website: http://www.csid.unt.edu/.

I also think that there are issues surrounding the question of interdisciplinarity that are of relevance specifically to early career philosophers -- something I presume is of interest to readers of this blog. If one does engage in interdisciplinary research, for instance, then how will one be evaluated by disciplinary philosophers?

I've tried to represent myself as a philosopher engaged in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work. Still, I worry that my CV will look odd to 'normal' philosophers. I wonder what readers of the blog think about it: http://www.csid.unt.edu/about/people/holbrook.html.

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