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Kyle Whyte

I've gotten that one too. I also got one, perhaps the same general, that started off saying something to the effect of, "Based on your excellent paper at APA central, we'd like to invite you..." My other colleagues who presented at that conference got the same email. Some of these are illegitimate; some of these are really trying to do something new, using technology. If the latter, I've always just looked at them as something that's not for me as my goal right now is to get tenure. This sort of turns on this issue about the difference between venue and impact of publications. I'm pretty sure that all of us hope that whatever we come up with may benefit someone else in some respect. Perhaps the best way for our work to achieve this aim is to publish more rapidly and in venues that give access to everyone (but that don't make us pay two grand to do so). But these venues get no respect in our field, regardless of how rigorous their review process is. Interestingly, though, I've found that some people who have tenure, instead of turning to open access, "volume 1" type venues, instead upped the anti and started submitting to more top 10 journals since they don't have the pressure of getting stuff published before the deadline of a tenure review.


Scientific Research Publishing is on the index of predatory journals:


Moti Mizrahi

Thanks for the comments. I suppose my first clue that something is fishy about this journal should have been the LinkedIn user name "Louis Figo" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu%C3%ADs_Figo :)

Andreas Wolkenstein

I also got this invitation to submit-email. However, what is still more funny is that I was also invited to submit to the journal of "Green and Sustainable Chemistry". It is funny because the last time I did some chemistry is 12 ago....:-)

Nicholas Joll

I too have received invitations from the 'Open Journal of Philosophy' - multiple times. (I'd thought it was because I've worked for the Open University.) A glance at the stuff it has published suggests that that stuff is very poor. Moreover, the journal ignored my querying e-mails. Inference: if it isn't an outright scam, it is close enough to one.

Dr. Mark W. Flory

If I may offer an update: I contacted them and submitted a paper. They accepted it within a few short days, directing me to a site where I could format it. Once there, I found that publication would only cost me $600.00! That is not a mis-print...$600.00. Needless to say, I am not going to pursue it.

Robert W. Mitchell

I also submitted an article to a special issue on the self, although I was initially skeptical of the journal. It was a paper with a student, and the paper was difficult to publish in other journals for reasons that, in my view, had nothing to do with the quality of the paper. The special issue was edited by a well-known and recognized scientist who has published in neuroscience. The paper was accepted after a positive but thoughtful review, and I was asked to pay $599 to publish it. I told them I could not afford that much, and ended up paying $100 to publish the paper. For $100, I now have an open access article that anyone can download. For other journals, open access costs $1,000. The $599 requested was actually less than what other journals ask for open access publications. The journal is one of many journals accessible by my library's online services. I have since read that the company that supports the journal recently published a poor quality work (see http://scholarlyoa.com/?s=Scientific+Research+Publishing). However, I am waiting to see what the special issue on the self looks like: if the other articles are poor quality, I may have made a mistake, but I'm hoping otherwise.


Yup, me top. Multiple invitations to write for them. How about "neh"... 🤣

Thomas J Papadimos

The open journal of philosophy has now been around for 10 years. It may have moved beyond being labeled as predatory. It has published some reasonable manuscripts over the years.


There is nothing wrong with open access, why are so many people questioning. Strict processing procedures can also guarantee the quality of articles; isn't open access convenient for readers? So I think we still look at this issue appreciably


I also have received many emails from the 'Open Journal of Philosophy' ). It seems that it is an open access journal.Auctually, many journal has an open access choice. Sometimes, if you need a quick time to publish your paper,open journal is a good choice.


I also received their emails before, and later checked the journal and their publisher's official website on the web page. The volume of this publishing house is relatively large, and the publication speed is quite fast. Fees are reasonable for open source journals. It's just that there is no index that I need. It is recommended that authors who do not have high index requirements can try it.

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