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Kyle Whyte

International jet lag is a crazy thing.


You can do like I did when I went to Australia for a conference to avoid jet lag. I stayed on my time zone. I went to bed at 5pm and woke up at 3am. Now this isn't great if you want to have fun and hang out with other conference goers at night, but it worked for me to avoid jet lag and get work done while I was there (there's nothing else to do at 3am) and to be able to get right back to work when I got home.

Marcus Arvan

Matt: interesting suggestion! Everyone I've ever spoken to about it has said that one should always try to get on the *new* time-zone as soon as possible. Obviously, this advice didn't work for me. I was a zombie when I was over there, and I've been a zombie since I got home. I'll try your advice the next time I go abroad...

Jenny Szende

I've always been given the advice that you can only change one hour of time zone per day. The usual tricks are to drink lots of water and minimize caffeine and alcohol (generally difficult to do at a conference), and if you can change meal times to the new time zone as quickly as possible, your sleep pattern will follow. Ideally, in order to do the 5 hours to the UK or the 6 hours to Europe, try to arrive 3-4 days before you have to think straight.

I have a long history of academic time zone travel, having completed alternate degrees in North America and the UK, and having family in both places. I'm sorry that you had such a miserable time doing it this summer, and would like to encourage you not to give up.

But maybe refraining from blog posts while overseas is not a terrible self-imposed rule, either.

Marcus Arvan

Jenny: thanks. Yeah, new rule: no blogging while overseas. ;)

David Morrow

In addition to what Jenny said, try these tips:



Legal disclaimer: I am not a doctor of the relevant kind. All information in these links that may be construed as a medical recommendation is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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