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Kyle Whyte

I go over notes I took during the previous time I taught the course about what worked and what didn't, what connections between various materials flowed and didn't flow, and I try to do my best to tighten the course as much as possible. I think a lot of about the transitions from week to week as I've always wanted to students to see the class as on the whole related, instead of fragments of this or that bit of material that they are evaluated on in isolation.

Marcus Arvan

I do more or less what Kyle says. I mostly focus on figuring out making my reading schedules flow better than in previous semesters. I also always try to think of what sorts of things worked well the previous semester and what didn't, and rework my classroom strategies (I "experiment" a *lot* every semester, though usually in small ways that build upon things that have worked well while cutting out things that don't).

Other than that, I mostly try to rest up. It's a *long* academic year, and it's good to go into it well rested.

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