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Trevor Hedberg

For whatever my opinion is worth, I think the dissertation idea you eventually developed sounds pretty interesting. Crafting justice as fairness as an ideal theory was a useful strategy for Rawls, but if we want to put it to good use, we still have to find a way to apply it to the nonideal world in which we live. However, I confess that no matter how good I consider an idea, I cannot imagine working it through 60 drafts!

Marcus Arvan

Thanks! Seriously, at this point I never want to look at the thing again. But if I learned one thing in grad school it was this: never, ever give up!

Mark Alfano

A not unrelated point: it may be a good idea (for some people, at least) to have several topics. That way, if you get sick of working on one, or if you get stuck, or if the only potential diss advisor leaves or turns out to be a monster, you can switch to your other topic. For instance, in grad school I was initially planning to write my dissertation on Nietzsche. But then Jesse Prinz showed up at the CUNY Graduate Center, and it became my best strategy to work on contemporary moral psychology. I've still published three articles on Nietzsche, which I'm sure helped me on the job market, and the historical stuff has given me a perspective on the contemporary stuff that most people don't have.


Thanks for the article

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