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Marcus Arvan

Hi Mark - thanks for posting this!

I'd never heard one is not supposed to send actual syllabi. This strikes me as strange. If I were on a search committee, I would want a clear impression of the individual's teaching pedagogy (policies, assignments, class format, etc.). I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks.


Mark Alfano

Well, as the title of the post says, this is highly opinionated and merely anecdotally supported, but here are the reasons:

Much of that extra stuff you mentioned would go into every syllabus. That's a lot of bloat, assuming you send multiple syllabi. Better to put the more important bits of it into your teaching statement.

Since every school is different, that stuff is likely to change when you arrive at your new job. E.g., you might have smaller class sizes, so you'd switch from lecture to seminar mode. Or vice versa.

Carolyn Council

What does all of this do for you if you have already done everything on the list and you are still unemployed with a PhD in philosophy

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