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Comment by Jonathan Farrell on “A Campaign for Better Philosophy Citation Practices?”

I take it that the problem is (roughly) that things that ought to be cited aren’t cited. Here are...

Comment by Lee Walters on “Too tight to cite (updated once more)”

Hello Moti, The updates aren't really helping. You say "the first chart shows the percentage of ...

Comment by Moti Mizrahi on “Baz (and Mizrahi!) on the Method of Cases”

Hi Marcus, I thought I’d share here a comment I got on Twitter regarding this post. @thinkjust...

Comment by Trevor Hedberg on “Some Reasons I Reject Papers”

Amanda, you raise a good concern. I should have clarified that I don't think most of these issues...

Comment by Chris Stephens on “The problem of never-responded-to work in philosophy”

There are a number of good suggestions here - but I'd rather see philosophers reform their citati...

Comment by David Morrow on “Rankings: what are they good for?”

For starters, Leiter's ranking and the Google ranking are measuring two different aspects of jour...

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