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Comment by David Hilbert on “Listing impact on CVs?”

Citation counts and journal impact factors are very noisy measures that are also easily gamed and...

Comment by Jonathan Farrell on “A Campaign for Better Philosophy Citation Practices?”

I take it that the problem is (roughly) that things that ought to be cited aren’t cited. Here are...

Comment by WL on “Self-citation, self-promotion?”

I don't find self-citations to be objectionable if they are relevant to (i.e., naturally fit with...

Comment by James on “Dealing with 'egocentric' journal reviewers”

I have lost patience with coerced citation and the still worse demands that certain authors or pa...

Comment by Untenured Ethicist on “Dealing with 'egocentric' journal reviewers”

I have received many unhelpful referee reports, but the suggestions I've received for further rea...

Comment by Anon R1 prof on “Tenure appeals”

Since there probably won't be too many who've gone through this who read this blog, perhaps I sho...

Comment by Amanda on “Some Reasons I Reject Papers”

I don't agree that not addressing the literature is automatically a reason for rejection. I think...

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