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Comment by Daniel Weltman on “PhilPapers publication metrics?”

The PhilPapers database (at least for many subfields, maybe for all of them) is not presently in ...

Comment by Anon44 on “PhilPapers publication metrics?”

I personally do not take the metrics seriously -- at all!. It says I'm top 1% in downloads for th...

Comment by Daniel Weltman on “PhilPapers publication metrics?”

@M: I don't think we can conclude this at all. The three metrics PhilPapers measures are # of pu...

Comment by ThinkingOutLoud on “Handling (sketchy) citation omissions?”

I would like to think that Richard's advice might help in some cases, but I bet we all know of pe...

Comment by Jonathan Farrell on “A Campaign for Better Philosophy Citation Practices?”

I take it that the problem is (roughly) that things that ought to be cited aren’t cited. Here are...

Comment by David Hilbert on “Listing impact on CVs?”

Citation counts and journal impact factors are very noisy measures that are also easily gamed and...

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