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The Kansas State search was canceled.

An anonymous philosopher

Here's what I've collated from another forum, one that I imagine most of you would not want to visit:

- University of Oregon [AOS: environmental] has conducted interviews.

- San Diego State University [AOS: environmental] has conducted interviews.

- Trinity College Dublin [AOS: metaphysics and language] has sent out PFOs.

- University of Auckland [AOS: open] has an offer out.

- St. Norbert College [AOS: a random disjunction] has scheduled interviews.


Hi Tim,

Out of curiosity, any word on why it was canceled? Thanks!

Info offered

The Kansas State search was canceled because of budget cuts at the university level.


No word (that I've gotten). When the philjobs ad expired early, I sent an inquiry (from my anonymous account). Was told it was canceled, and that's it.

I suspect it's for the usual bullshit HR/admin/money-type reasons. But that's just an irresponsible guess.


Marcus a while back someone posted something about balancing things as a new professor (wasn't me, haha). But anyway you said you were going to do a post on it. Not sure if you were waiting or just forgot but I thought I'd mention it.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Amanda: I haven’t forgotten. I’ve had a draft of a post for a bit now, but haven’t been satisfied enough with it to post on it yet. I’ll do my best to get it up soon!


Okay thanks!


In case anyone wanted to know, this job:


Has a 5/4 teaching load. I know because I asked.


Thanks Info offered and Tim! Glad I didn't work on my application yet...


I made the mistake of checking the Wiki today. Shouldn't have. I guess I really have to work on that akrasia thing to salvage my mental health.


Got a response from an alt-ac job I applied for. They asked about my "salary requirements". So I looked into what they usually pay people in the position I was applying for. Turns out it's a lot. So it looks like if I end up leaving philosophy, at least I've got a good shot at being rich.

Marcus Arvan

Tim: so cool to hear that! If you take the job (or even if you get offered it but take an academic job instead), would you perhaps consider sharing your story on the Cocoon? It might help others better understand the alt-ac market and how to be successful on it.


Good luck Tim and Congrats! I'd love to hear how it turns out too.

Job Market Candidate #48423

The University of Florida has started requesting letters of reference from selected applicants.

Job Market Candidate #48423

The University of North Carolina Wilmington has sent out interview requests.

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