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I'm a Lumberjack

I am a Canadian, and moved to the USA for an academic job. Canadians have more options than non-Canadians when moving to the USA. Since NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), Canadians in certain lines of work can get one year work visas (renewable annual, but you have to leave the country each year). Further, my partner was offered a part-time teaching job at the University where I work. It was lousy pay, but it did allow my partner to get a work permit, and to work. We have since got Green Cards. Alternatively, one can get one of the H visas. Without the job offer and the visa, my partner was not going to be allowed to work for two years I the USA.

Ted Shear

I'm on a postdoc in Australia and I am on a 457 skilled worker visa. The 457 is the standard for postdocs and aren't too much trouble to get. I think that the visa for a permanent position is different. The partner of a 457 holder is entitled to apply for their own visa on the same record. Moreover, Australia honours de facto partnerships in this regard as on par with legal marriages; the standard for a de facto partnerships is basically just that it is any significant and sincere romantic relationship.

However, there may be trouble in Australia, since just today Turnbull announced that he is intending to abolish the 457 visa. It is unclear how this will affect hiring practicers here, but I think it will only make a difference for the hiring of postdocs.

Lumberjack ... again

Ted is absolutely right to draw attention to "marriage status". My partner and I married before we moved to the USA. We were in country where we were essentially recognized as married because we had lived together so long. But the USA was not going to recognize that as a marriage. So check the current law. Certainly when we came to the USA same sex couples would not have been recognized as married.

Justin Snedegar

I'm a US citizen and got a Tier 2 visa from the UK when I got my job here. We submitted my application (sponsored by the university) along with my wife's application. She got a Tier 2 Dependent visa that let her work immediately; the only restriction is that she can't be a doctor or nurse in training. I think this is the standard in the UK, at least for permanent jobs.


I am curious about the no medical/education jobs in the uk. Can someone explain that?

Sara L. Uckelman

My husband and I (US citizens) moved to the Netherlands on student visas, and then he converted to a "kenningsmigrant" (skilled/knowledge migrant) after a year, which allowed him to be employed. I honestly don't remember if that extended to me, but I think it didn't; but when I was offered a paid position 1.5 years later, getting my kenningsmigrant visa was no problem.

When I got a job in the UK, I got a tier 2 visa sponsored by my university which allowed me to bring my husband and daughter with almost automatically. It also gave him the right to work, which he now does. Funny thing is, I have to go in to HR every year to get my visa documents rechecked, whereas I'm not sure his HR has EVER bothered to check after he signed the contract. I find this interesting because our visas expire in October, and you'd think both our employers would be keen to be sure we can get them renewed.

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