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recent grad

How common is it to be suspicious of and resentful towards your institution's administration? I would love to take a job elsewhere, in part to spite them, but it might not be worth it if it's a problem almost everywhere.


I would be curious to know what the resentment is about. I have worked, post-Ph.D., at four universities and colleges, and I thought the administrators were fine. I might have lower expectations, or you might have higher ones (and are thus disappointed more readily). But, in general, the reason to move should never be to spite someone or some entity. Move because the opportunity presented to you is great (or better than what you have).


A post taking up how applying for Post-Docs importantly differs from applying for jobs would be helpful.

And, a post taking up applying for dissertation fellowships would be helpful or even some pointers to good fellowship lists.

I suggest these posts as a "top 15" 4th year doctoral student who has not published.

recent grad


You're right--I would never leave just out of spite. But if there are independent reasons to leave, spite seems to be a potentially rewarding extra reason.

I won't get into specifics about my administration, but the resentment is due to a combination of the following: the need to fight for almost everything despite being at a financially healthy university, a general lack of respect for faculty and their role in the institution, and a history of ethically questionable behavior.


More often than not administration (meaning the out of department university administration) is usually a huge pain to deal with. I think that is the same most places. I find the inter department administration, like the department managers, are usually wonderful.


I wasn't sure whether to post this question under "open job market thread" or this. But anyway I hope someone could help me out.

First, how long is typical to give a candidate to decide whether to accept a position? I was offered a one-year job which I would like to take if I do not get a permanent position. However, I was only given a week to decide. And I have a flyout in two weeks. I am not sure what to do, because if I ask the job for more time to decide I would have to ask for a lot. After all, I doubt the search committee will make a decision immediately after my flyout which is already a week after I am supposed to give the final word on my 1-year position.

Should I just accept the 1-year position and go back on that if I get a permanent job? I don't feel great going that route.

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